8 Easy Weekend Getaways From NYC

The quintessential beach town: Asbury Park, New Jersey

For years, we've thought Asbury Park gets too little attention. It takes an hour and fifteen minutes to drive from the city on the Garden State Parkway or thirty minutes on a Bay Head-bound North Jersey Coast Line train

The suburban sanctuary: Fairfield County, Connecticut

Escape to the suburbs like commuters when you're rushed and need a break from the city. From Grand Central, take the Metro-North New Haven Line for an hour to one of Fairfield County's lovely villages and communities.

The rural retreat: Manchester, Vermont

Whether you want winter snow or autumn foliage, Vermont is a great place to spend a long weekend off the grid. Manchester, a charming hamlet near Stratton Mountain Resort, offers the proper amount of privacy.

The historical jaunt: Boston

New Yorkers and Bostonians may clash, but a weekend getaway to Boston may be precisely what you need to escape without giving up your cosmopolitan comforts.

The good-time island: Fire Island, New York

Fire Island is NYC's LGBT community's favorite summer getaway. Long Island barrier island has various villages and beaches with their own distinct flavors, making it simple to choose one that suits your attitude.

The city break: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Even though it's clear, New Yorkers forget how easy it is to get away to nearby Philadelphia. There are lots of new things to do in the city, whether you want to try some great new places, see some amazing art, or just take a break.

The posh beach hang: The Hamptons

A lot of people think of Upper East Siders spending the summer in their homes and going to lots of fancy parties in the Hamptons. The best time to get caught up in that rush is over the weekend, before going back to the world of the city.

The eclectic island: Martha s Vineyard

Islands are sometimes the finest retreat. With its lighthouses, arcades, carousels, sandy beaches, and expansive vistas, Martha's Vineyard meets the description. Take a five-hour Seastreak boat from Midtown Manhattan.