These Are The 7 Most Expensive and Exquisite Cat Breeds

With prices reaching $100,000 or more, Ashera cats are thought to be the priciest cat breed globally. This is because it is a rare breed that was produced from the breeding of an Asian leopard cat, an African serval, and a domestic house cat.

Ashera Cat 

At up to $50,000 or more, the Savannah cat is thought to be the second most costly breed of cat worldwide. This is because it is a hybrid breed that was produced by mating an African Serval with a domestic cat, making it extremely rare.

Savannah Cat

Thailand is home to the uncommon and antiquated Khao Manee cat breed. Their dazzling, piercing blue eyes and unique, immaculate white coats are what make them famous. Their silky, short coat requires little maintenance.

Khao Manee Cat

The Bengal cat breed is a domestic feline species that is distinguished by its unique, untamed coat and its lively, playful disposition. Their coats might include rosettes, patches, or marbled patterns in a range of colors, giving them a distinctive look.

Bengal Cat 

Among the most costly and fluffy cat breeds are Scottish Fold cats. Due to their rarity compared to other breeds, these cats are more expensive. These are breeds of domestic cats that are distinguished by their unusual folded ears, which give them a "owl-like" look.

Scottish Fold Cat

Originating in Russia, the Siberian Forest cat, sometimes referred to as the "Siberian," is a huge type of domestic cat with semi-long hair. Their coat is thick, fluffy, and comes in a range of colors, including as black, white, red, and tabby.

 Siberian Forest Cat

One of the first known natural cat breeds is the Egyptian Mau, a type of domestic cat. They are distinguished by their short, glossy coats and characteristic "mau" (Egyptian meaning cat) markings, which are either black or silver.

Egyptian Mau Cat